Building communications between employees of a company central office and regional branches as well as search for colleagues nearby

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Creation and search of events (conferences, birthday parties, corporate holidays, training courses, workshops, lectures)

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Creation and search of corporate places nearby (offices, departments, corporate apartments, partner companies, recommendation of colleagues)

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Search and creation of goods (sale and exchange of personal items)

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Creation and search of services (corporate taxi, mobile communications, courier service, cross-promotion, courses, training)

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New generation corporate social network service


  • Erases the boundaries
  • Identifies personal interest
  • Strengthens the team
  • Immediately informs
  • Gives feedback
  • Enhances the loyalty
  • Reflects the climate inside a company
  • Cross promotion
  • Allows for managing ideas
  • Develops and trains staff


  • Knowledge database
  • Participation in interest groups
  • Direct communication
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Events and corporate opportunities
  • Getting out your messages and ideas
  • Keeping the track of events
  • Creating your own events, places, goods and services
  • Self expression
  • Gamification


With corporate portals and document management systems for quick start and comfortable monitoring of files


Loqui combines the best of a social network and a corporate portal

Corporate portals
Working social ntworks

Access to documents away from PC

“Humanity” of interface (familiar interface of social networks)


Flexible feedback


Functionality for solving non-business issues

Motivation for employees to share content


Authorization Integration with internal systems allows transferring employees database into the application and using already created logins for authorization.

Company's structure Virtual structure of a company with units and departments. System of groups helps support communication between branches, hold discussions and brainstorms online, as well as ask for assistance to another department. Reduces a number of meetings and sessions and saves time.

Contacts Access from a phone to a contact database of a company. You can find your colleague by name, job position or branch. It allows new employees quickly catching on working process and easily adapting.

Profile It contains necessary information about employees: contact details, professional duties, area of competence etc. It is possible to search for people within a company to ask a question and get expert assistance online.

Chat Closed messenger is for quick information interchange, discussion of ideas and companionship with colleagues. It allows offloading email and accelerating the settlement of matters. Access levels inside a messenger are adjusted depending on tasks: build hierarchy or get rid of boundaries within a company.

Notification Important updates and reminders are kept in section Notifications. Management makes important and up-to-date information accessible to employees, and employees are well informed of news and important announcements. You can also set this section to individual needs of an organization, for example, adding results of certification.

Calendar Meetings, sessions and briefings are kept in a calendar. When you get a calendar reminder your smartphone plays a notification ringtone.

«Around me» Fast switching between sections. On default circle gives access to colleagues nearby, list of events and places on a map, goods, services and news line. Circle exists for each department as well as separately for a whole company.

News line News about a head office and departments. Line can be adjusted in a convenient way in order each employee can place publication or only limited audience has this opportunity. All publications are kept in back office for easy search in messages.

News Different events are collected in one place and are ordered by date: training workshops, meetings, briefings, presentations, trainings as well as corporate holidays. Employees may create their own events and invite colleagues to take part in them.

Places Keeping places with binding to map: head office, units, hotels, conference halls, cross promotions as well as useful contacts for departments: contractors, production, warehouses, printing houses etc. Employees may add places individually giving recommendations for colleagues.

Goods One of the most popular sections. It allows placing advertisements that are visible only by colleagues as well as buying only checked goods.

Services Cross promotion events, sales promotions of partners as well as a range of services from employees are collected in this section in a way that is most useful to you.

Colleagues nearby Search of colleagues nearby is available to make a quick contact with them: it is very convenient in a business trip or during a conference!

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